Switchfoot Friday


The initial purpose is to spread the word about the music of Switchfoot.  A higher purpose is to influence the culture with the music and message of Switchfoot.  You don't have to be profane or compromise your beliefs to entertain people.  Switchfoot aims at the head and heart not at the baser instincts of people.  The ultimate purpose is to expose people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is a grassroots effort from Switchfoot fans on the Switchfoot discussion board.


Switchfoot is an incredibly good band that has a great message for the people of today.  Through the music of Switchfoot people will ask questions that need to be answered.  People who participate in Switchfoot Friday will be ready to answer those questions.  Read I Peter 3:15.  Again, the ultimate purpose is to expose people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Scoop

  1. First Friday of every month is "Switchfoot Friday".  The first one is December 7, 2001.
  2. Wear Switchfoot attire to work, school, play, socializing, whatever.
  3. Listen only to Switchfoot
  4. Request Switchfoot music on "secular" stations.  Tell them it is "Switchfoot Friday".
  5. Request that the video "You Already Take Me There" be played on TRL on MTV.  The web site is http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/votevideo.jhtml
  6. Tell people about the latest Switchfoot news including new tour dates, albums, songs in TV shows and movies, etc.  Make sure to check http://www.switchfoot.com and check the latest information.
  7. Most importantly, pray for the members of Switchfoot, their management and families.  As Switchfoot grows they will need even more of God's protection and wisdom.
  8. Remind others who like Switchfoot about "Switchfoot Friday".  Send out an email with the reminder.

Keep Updated

To get reminders about Switchfoot Friday, sign up here.

Future Ideas

  1. Polo shirts with "switchfoot.com" on the shirt to wear in more formal places of work.
  2. License plate frames
  3. Help.... need more ideas.

For more information contact me at trogers@forheartsandsouls.org

To see our Switchfoot page and why we are geeked out on them go to home.san.rr.com/switchfoot .